Tony helped my daughter prepare for the April ACT test. They met 4 times via Zoom because we live in California. My daughter came out of each session feeling more and more confident and would always say how nice Tony is and that he truly seemed to care about her success. My daughter struggles in school and math is not her strongest subject. I was a little concerned as she headed in to the test but was beyond thrilled when she improved her score by EIGHT points!! I can’t thank him enough for whatever it is he did to help her!!!
Nicole Bass Purzycki - Parent

Tony was an amazing tutor! Our daughter needed help raising her math ACT score. She did 3 Zoom lessons with Tony and her score reached the goal she needed! My husband teaches doctors and he was so impressed with the way Tony taught our daughter. We would listen to the Zoom sessions and he would say “Wow, he is great!” We will reach out to him soon, for our youngest daughter’s math ACT prep also.

Holly Hardin Holiday - Parent

My son’s previous math scores had been 25, 24, and 26.  Court took your class and scored a 33 with just 8 hours of tutoring — you are definitely covering the material needed to do well on the ACT Math section.
Lisa Westerkamp - Parent

Just wanted to let you know that Jake got accepted to A&M’s main campus at College Station as a freshman and accepted to business school.  This would not have happened without you guys!!
Sally Sirkis - Parent

Tony!!!  I got a 30 on my ACT.  The scores that I needed and wanted!!!  Thank you so much for working and teaching me!!  You have been a blessing.  This means that I automatically get accepted into the college I want without the stress and worries.  Again, thank you sooooo sooo much!!!!
Peyton Middleton - Student

Sounds like your first session went great today.   She called me excited and said she thinks you helped break down a wall she had built up from her frustration in math.  She said ‘I think that I may actually be able to love math again’  Also said it was so nice to have a nice teacher that made math make sense again.  So thank you very much!!!  Great start!
Millie Petranka - Parent

Just wanted to say thank you for working with my daughter!  She had a lot more confidence going into this test, and she feels much better after this one than she did after previous tests.  I was actually thanking God for you this morning.  : )
Lotte Shipman - Parent

Tony is an amazing tutor and person. He went above and beyond for my son and daughter to help them achieve their very best on the ACT! Both improved their Math score by 5 points. Incredible results!!!
Deanna Marcus - Parent

Tony did a great job prepping my son for the Math portion of his ACT. He was extremely flexible with my son’s busy schedule and offered to do Zoom calls (similar to Skype) so that my son could easily join from home or school. My son was extremely confident and prepared going into his test last Saturday and I’m looking forward to seeing how much he improved compared to the first test. I highly recommend Tony/NKY Tutoring if you are looking for high quality and convenient ACT Math tutoring for your child!
Sherrie Benson Kinderdine - Parent

I took this class to help improve my ACT score and sure enough with the help of this class I got my score up enough to be awarded a full tuition scholarship. I can’t thank Mr. Miglio enough for helping me with my ACT as well as being fun and entertaining and always willing to help me no matter if I was in class or not. I would highly recommend that anyone who takes the ACT takes this class.
Ryan Flanigan - Student

Tony has worked with me for so many math tests, including the ACT throughout the years. He is extremely helpful, encouraging, and patient! You can tell he is very familiar with all of the concepts and is able to help with any problem. There is no way I would have been able to score as high as I did if it weren’t for him!!
Shelby Hinkel - Student

My oldest daughter took Tony’s ACT Math Prep class and raised not only her math score, but her science one too! Tony explained concepts and skills so well that my daughter’s confidence and knowledge improved which resulted in higher scores. My middle daughter will be taking his class as well. The class is money well spent! I highly recommend NKY Tutoring!
Diane Rinehard - Parent

Tony’s help was invaluable to my daughter’s success and confidence on the ACT!
Deema Romer - Parent

Tony is great at connecting with students and keep them involved throughout each tutoring section. He explains math in a way in which students can relate.

Carrie Wood Flores - Parent

Our daughter had been struggling to improve her ACT Score.  Not only the composite of a 28 but she had stalled at 25 on the math section.  She worked with Tony the summer before the July ACT Test.  Happy to say that she improved her math score to a 30 and her overall composite went from a 28 to a 32.  Tony was so helpful.  He provided her with strategies, tips, encouragement, and really gave her confidence that she was more than capable to be successful.  Her exact words to me this morning after seeing her score were ‘ Tony worked miracles Mom’ …LOL  Thank you Tony for making her see hard work does pay off.
Stephanie Bigler Abercrombie - Parent

Thank you for recognizing my daughter’s hard work/effort in studying what you asked her to do.  She was excited after yalls session.  She feeds of that.   Thanks again.  Your hard work and kindness are appreciated by my husband and I!

(follow up after test)

I wanted to let you know that our daughter got the score she needed for her supplemental athletic scholarship.  Getting her out of state tuition paid for has confidence up!   And that new score saved us as parents (or her coach) $50,000 over 4 years!

Shannon Wright - Parent

After your first meeting with my son, he said that he learned more from you in that one session than he’s learned all year in his math class.  Thank you so much for all of your help.
Deb Bean - Parent

Hey Tony, I just wanna say thanks for working with me for the last couple of months.  I’m feeling really conident about this test.   Ur a great teacher and I really appreciate your help.
Noah Sigler - Student