Frequently Ask Questions

What material is on the Math section of the ACT?
  • Pre Algebra (20-25%)
  • Elementary Algebra (15-20%)
  • Intermediate Algebra (15-20%)
  • Coordinate Geometry (15-20%)
  • Plane Geometry (20-25%)
  • Trigonometry (5-10%)

For more specifics on each area, you can find a description here on the ACT Homepage.

How long is the Math section of the ACT?
  • The Math section is a 60-minute test made up of 60 questions.  Students will need to work at a pace of one minute per question.  However, ‘easier’ questions usually appear near the beginning of the test with ‘harder’ questions showing up near the end of the test.  As a result, it’s important for students to be slightly ahead of the one minute per question time  early on in order to save time for the more difficult and time-consuming  questions near the end.
  • HOW WE HELP:  We provide a custom study guide that provides the knowledge base for material on the test.  Practice, repetition and reinforcment of this information lays the groundwork for students to get faster on the test.
What if I have test anxiety?
  • Standardized tests often give even the most seasoned test taker problems.  This is primarily due to a low self-confidence level while taking the test.
  • HOW WE HELP:  The goal of our classes is to grow self-confidence by providing knowledge to our students, and we work with students to identify areas of weakness so that we can proactively address and remedy them.  Through this process, our students find that due to the small class sizes and the attention that we can provide, they are able to address the areas that they are weak in, and as a result, confidence soars.
Why do you want me to guess on the ACT?
  • As a test-taker, you aren’t penalized for guessing.  Putting an answer down rather than leaving the question blank is strongly encouraged.  However, when we are guessing, the goal is to make educated guesses.  Eliminating answers and applying what you know to make guesses will increase your chance of choosing correctly.
  • HOW WE HELP:  Students can often eliminate answers to increase their odds.  Our reinforced practice and instructor-led guidance gives students the information that they can use to guess wisely.
What is the best way to study for the Math section?
  • Our results have shown that incremental study and review over a period of time allows students the ability to learn and retain the information they need to be successful.
  • HOW WE HELP:  A custom study guide and (4) two-hour classes over a period of four weeks give students the learning structure and reinforcement needed to add to their knowledge base for the test.