NKY Tutoring is a leader in the industry, providing assistance to High School students looking to raise their Math ACT/SAT scores.   We work with students all over the United States (and Europe) using our proven process to enhance and reinforce growth in these three areas.


Each student comes to us with differing levels of knowledge in Math.  All of our students receive thorough review and preparation.  We work with them using a custom-built study guide to make sure that we provide students with the proper foundation that they need to be successful. In math, it is crucial to know the important formulas and equations that show up on each test.  Knowing this information allows students to set up the problems quickly so that they can successfully solve them.


Students will work multiple practice tests during our time that we work together.  These practice tests allow students become familiar with the types and style of questions asked on the test.  These tests are then reviewed together to discuss any mistakes that were made, so that they can understand not just what they got wrong, but WHY they got it wrong.  The instructor then walks the student through the most effective and efficient way to do these types of problems so that they will feel more confident when they encounter them again.



Lastly, there are some students who do well in class, but do not ‘test well’.  In fact, I would guess that roughly half of the students that I work with have some form of Math test anxiety.  Through the growth in knowledge as well as the reinforced practice our student become more confident.  We discuss additional tips and strategies as well as discuss the importance of timing to understand pacing.  All of these items allow our students to feel more at ease when they take the test on test day.