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NKY Tutoring serves students in the Greater Cincinnati area and around the United States – following a proven process to provide guidance and insight to drive success in our students.

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NKY Tutoring specializes in driving success in our students for the Math section of the ACT/SAT. We help students by providing the foundation of the key concepts that they need to know for the exam and work with them through multiple practice tests, consistently working and refining the strategy that is best for them to be successful.


We see success in our students because we focus on three core components which provide the tools and strategies that they need – while providing a custom approach.   I treat my students like I treat my own son and daughter — providing feedback to them throughout the process on level of effort and results to constantly push and challenge them to be great.  The three key areas that we focus on are:

1) Building knowledge through our custom study guide
2) Reinforcing positive test taking habits and strategies
3) Growing self confidence in our students through our guided instruction and practice.

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Math ACT Preparation and Instruction

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