NKY Tutoring is a leader in the industry, providing assistance to High School students looking to raise their Math ACT Score.   Our process enhances and reinforces growth in these three areas, to drive success.


Each student comes to us with differing levels of knowledge in Math.  All of our students receive  thorough review and preparation.  With our small class sizes, we are also able to identify and provide students the  additional assistance and guidance they need to grow their knowledge base.



Students have unique levels of work ethic and understanding of the skills necessary to be successful on the test.  We provide a custom math study guide that serves as the student’s resource throughout the course and beyond.  This guide, coupled with working several ACT math tests and constantly growing their strategy knowledge allows the students to thrive.



Lastly, there are some students who do well in class, but do not ‘test well’. The small class sizes, along with the growth in knowledge and reinforcement of strategy through preparation, grows this self-confidence. Often, we get feedback from parents that their son/daughter reports that not only are they more confident on the ACT test, but also in the classroom.